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St. Louis Wedding Bands

Entertainment is one of the central components in the engine that turns your wedding reception into a lively well-oiled machine. Sufficient entertainers will keep your guests engaged, and will keep your reception flowing in case an issue or delay arises with a vendor. It is not surprising that couples and wedding planners spend so much time searching for the right entertainers and what form of entertainment is best suitable for the atmosphere you desire for the event. Traditionally, couples will choose between a professional wedding band or a professional disc-jockey to provide the music and handle the emcee duties of the reception. Both options have their share of strengths and weaknesses. A professional live band is great for producing unique atmospheres, but come at a greater cost and are generally more of a hassle to coordinate around. A professional disc-jockey is a more budget conscious option, and comes with the perk of a nearly limitless digital music archive that can be added to at the click of a mouse button if wireless internet is available. If you are looking for that specific atmosphere that only a band can produce, St. Louis has many great bands to offer. We have provided a guide below which should serve to make this process smoother.

First step, you should start your search off with the recommendations of your friends, family, and most trusted colleagues, in particular, anyone who has been married recently, or has been involved in a wedding to some degree. We suggest asking the venue coordinator for their recommendations as well, as they may even provide you with a list of preferred or exclusive vendors, so it is a good idea and may save you money in the end to ask. It is also wise to consult online wedding directories as they are a great source of wedding vendor information including pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, videos, and more! You ought to make sure your candidates are experienced professionals that specialize in weddings. Once you have a handful of candidates that interest you, call them up, and see if they are available for the date of your wedding. If you are dealing with a booking agent, ask for the bandleader's personal contact information, it will be important going forward.

Next step, start interviewing each of the candidates, and come prepared with plenty of questions for each of them. You should be asking them how much experience they have, and how many weddings they perform at on a yearly average. What sort of condition is their equipment in, and how much knowledge do they have of the equipment? A good professional band will be experts with their equipment, and will be able to adapt to any technical issues that may arise. It is also wise to ask them of their backup plan in case of emergency, some bands have standby members, while some bands actually have an associate band they contact in case the unforeseeable happens. Ask the bandleader what their emcee style is like, and ask for a video if they have them available, which most professional wedding bands do. The last thing you will want to cover before the end of each interview is the cost and their labor demands. Some bands require you to place a deposit, and will have demands such as being fed and having a separate space at the reception hall earmarked specifically for them so they have somewhere to take breaks away from the festivities. Ask for a sample invoice from each candidate so you can compare each potential band side-by-side to see which one is going to provide you with the best service.

Last step, spend some time deliberating with your partner on which band is going to be the most proficient one at the job. You really need to trust this band completely. So if you are comfortable with a certain band—sign a contract with them, and place a deposit. Trust your instincts, your wedding band will have no issues keeping your guests engaged and happy. Congratulations, now you can officially do the spousal shake rattle n' roll!

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