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St. Louis Wedding Photobooth

Alright, it is time to start talking about the fun parts of your wedding. By this we mean, what are you going to be doing and providing at your reception? Why not step out side the box and try something a bit different. Have you considered renting a photo booth? Talk about a blast. This one item will add so much to your reception in terms of fun and entertainment value. Believe us when we tell you that that your guests won't stop talking about your reception for years to come. You will also be providing something fun for your guests that don't necessarily want to be out on the dance floor all night long. It is truly an activity that everyone at your reception will be able to do, everyone from the babies up to 100 years old. It is an awesome way to get your guests interacting with each other as well. And if you can find a professional service that will also bring some great props and backdrops, all the better. Everyone can be themselves and relax for a bit. They also will have a memento to take home and they can partake in the putting together of a special memory book to be given to the special couple. We realize you have probably never had to look for this kind of feature so we would like to be a part of your search. This guide was developed to help you search throughout the St. Louis area and to eventually find the best provider of photo booths for you.

As with your search for any of your wedding vendors, you want to be ever vigilant. Everything you do for your big day is important. And believe us when we tell you that if any portion of your big day were to bomb out, it would put a huge damper on your special time. We want to help you as much as we possibly can in making sure that that does not happen in relation to your photo booth. So, that means finding some great candidates to check out. Start your search by checking out one of the most powerful research mediums that exists today. Do a Google search for “photo booths in the St. Louis area.” Look at the online portfolio page to see if you like the quality of what each candidate offers. What does the website look like? Is it highly professional or does it look like it was just thrown together. Keep in mind that this could be a reflection on the kind of professional service that they provide. If you find one really knocks your socks off, jot down their name and contact information. Your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with is another potential source. And the people that you know best, your family, friends and coworkers may have something to tell you in terms of an experience they might have had. Take your list and setup an appointment with each vendor in order to talk about their service and to take a tour of their facility.

Here are some questions that must be on your agenda when you show up for each appointment. First and foremost, find out how long they have been in business. You want to make sure that the company has been in business at least a few years and won't be out of business before the day of your wedding. You most definitely want to ask for references, past clients can be an excellent source of information. Are they licensed and insured? This is an absolute must, most wedding venues will not allow vendors to operate within their facility if they are not. Talk about the equipment that they use. When it comes to a photo booth, this is essential. You want high quality pictures taken and high quality prints provided to you and your guests. What happens if the booth they provide stops working at your reception? Will an attendant be there at all times? Do they offer package deals for different amounts of time? Have the staff show you a booth while you are on-site. Operate the booth and evaluate the quality. Believe us when we tell you, when you have completed your rounds, you should be able to point to a photo booth provider and say, yes, I want to work with them.

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