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Some of Our

If I want to extend my time, how can I do it?

If you're having a great night and do not want the time to end, who are we to stop you? All we'll do is continue the clock at the previously agreed apon rate. So don't fret and keep on partying.

Do we have to clean up after ourselves?

Surely part of having a party is not cleaning up after yourselves. Enjoy your night and please make sure to remove anything of value off of the vehicle. Although we do have a lost and found, we cannot legally return any alcohol to you upon completion of the trip.

Is smoking allowed on the bus? I pay for it so I can smoke, right?

Absolutely not. In order to keep our costs low by not hiring a third party company to clean our vehicles after every use, we cannot allow smoking on the vehicle.

We can drink though, right?

Absolutely. There's no limit on drinking barring everybody is of legal drinking age! Please note that we cannot provide any alchol but you're free to bring your own.

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