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Limo Bus Stl Pricing Policies

Generally when people are trying to book a party bus for the first, second, or any time, the only thing they care about is, "How much am I going to have to pay?" To be honest, it's a hard question to answer because the rates change my day, depending on the number of people, and for how many hours you need the vehicle. As you can see there are a lot of factors that go into pricin transportation so be sure to call and we will be able to assist you with booking.

Saving money on transportation. The thing that most people want to know when they are trying to order transportation is "How can I save money?" It's a great question. One thing we suggest is having a little bit of wiggle room on the time and day that you need service. It's pretty apparent that Fridays and Saturdays are the most amount of money due to their demand so if it's possible to book your limo bus on a Sunday through Thursday, you're automatically going to save money right off of the bat.

Book your limo bus in advance. If it is possible, we suggest booking your limo bus service at least two weeks in advance when possible. Everybody knows what the busy days are in St. Louis. Baseball opening day, St. Patricks day, and New Years Eve. So it's safe to say that when you know these dates months or years in advance, it can't hurt to book the vehicle in advance because you can get a more affordable rate while securing your vehicle on a busy day.

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